5 Best Customer Service Practices You Should Follow

It is always vital for every business to practice excellent customer service. According to American Express, some consumers are eager to spend with companies that have outstanding service. 

Sadly, it is true that negative information spreads faster than positive news. Most notably, with today’s modern age of social media. A lot of customer reviews and comments online are regarding unpleasant experiences with customer service. You don’t often hear about companies who do it well.

To know the secret to achieve excellent customer service, check out the list of practices you should follow below. 

Set Proper Expectations:
It is a known fact that what impresses a customer is when a representative goes beyond what he/she is expected to do, right? Let your customers know you can do more for them and what service you will offer. If they know you are willing to exceed their expectations, they will stay for good. 

Hear Your Customer:
Listening is one of the essential aspects when it comes to customer service. Your customer wants to know that you are paying attention to what they have to say. If they are frustrated, make use of your active listening skills. This way your customer will know that you hear them and will work to fix any problem. Have the initiative to ask questions. Know the root cause and provide an effective fix. 

Outline Standards for Customer Service:
Make sure each employee is fully aware of your business standards. Having a well-defined document that explains your criteria will help in setting customers’ expectations. Not only that, but they will also help in gauging employees’ performance and set up training programs for them to excel. Your customer service standards should be measurable, time-bounded, and distinct based on customers’ requirements. You can’t apply something that your customers don’t understand. 

Treat Your Employees Right:
You know what they say, a happy employee equals a satisfied customer. Your employees’ behaviors and attitudes will determine your customer’s level of service satisfaction. It is ideal for putting employees first then customers next. This may be contrary to your belief but think again. When your employees are happy and satisfied, it will reflect on how they handle their job. They will be inspired to go to work because they are appreciated and valued. This will create a positive chain reaction — employees are happy > customers are happy > business is booming. 

Create Customer Follow-Up After Every Sale:
Having touchpoints after every sale will make a positive impression for your customers. It shows that you care. Many businesses tend to forget this practice not knowing it can affect how they handle their customer service. Doing follow-ups show that you care about your customers’ satisfaction and encourage them to spread brand awareness. It is also one way to thank them. 

Customer service is an essential process in every business setting. Excellent customer service should always be practiced since it will reflect you, your brand, and your employees. Bad reviews/news spread like wildfire in the entire consumer community. Therefore, for people to keep coming back for more, always instill excellent customer service. And, this should start by treating your employees right, too. 

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