Purchasing kitchen equipment can be stressful, especially if it’s your first time. You want everything you purchase to be reliable and sturdy for long term use.

7 Vital Points to Remember When Purchasing Kitchen Equipment

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By: ServingIntel

The right kitchen equipment is essential for a restaurant’s success. Most restaurant owners and professional chefs have a vivid picture of what their kitchen looks like long before the restaurant’s go-live date.

Purchasing kitchen equipment can be stressful, especially if it’s your first time. You want everything you purchase to be reliable and sturdy for long term use. Durable equipment can be ridiculously expensive, but your restaurant’s success relies on your selection and purchasing the right stuff.

Here are 7 important points to consider when buying kitchen equipment:

7. Energy Efficient
Commercial kitchens average of 3 times more energy consumption per square foot than other commercial settings, which means more energy costs. Use kitchen appliances that are optimized to save energy. They can reduce utility bills of up to 20%!

6. Suitable for Kitchen Purpose
If you already have some equipment, determine if they can meet the standard demand you need. Are they capable of producing food in the required quantities? Do they have enough power and strength to get you through a busy night full of orders?

Appliances that are less powerful are most likely to get damaged in shorter periods of usage. Avoid expensive repair fees and choose long-lasting appliances.

5. Food Safety Requirement
Food poisoning is a restaurateur's worst nightmare. Even the most up to code kitchens can fall victim to violations. Avoid such infractions by keeping everything up to date, safe, and sterile.

4. Future Proof
Check if there’s no new model coming out soon. Ask yourself if it is worth it to wait a few months to get the new one? If not, will your current model become outdated? How easy will it be to find replacement parts?

3. Fit to Lifestyle
Think about how you will use your kitchen equipment. How does it need to fit your restaurant? Are there challenges you will have to deal with? Think carefully about how you use each appliance.

2. Size and Space
One of the most important questions to ask is, “Will the equipment fit in my kitchen space?” Before buying any kitchen equipment, measure to make sure it fits in your existing space and check to see it complements the current layout of your restaurant. Modular kitchen appliances offer a practical fix. Combi-ovens which are versatile in terms of functionality and are a great space-saving alternative.

1. Maintenance Cost
For food to taste good, the equipment used to make it needs to work. It’s not just an essential restaurant protocol — it’s vital for the business. Always consider the maintenance cost when purchasing kitchen appliances. Never wait until something goes bad with the appliances --it is far more expensive than regular maintenance costs.

Purchasing new kitchen equipment can be exciting until you find realize just how much goes into choosing the right stuff. It can quickly become a real bummer. Consider these points the next time you begin your next big purchase!

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