Credit Card 101: How to Protect Yourself from Credit Card Breaches

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By: ServingIntel

Credit card hackers are everywhere! While software vendors are working to increase data protection, hackers are also doing their best to counter every move. Your credit card is particularly at risk when shopping on the internet. 

While shopping online, it is crucial to safeguard yourself from a possible credit card hack. Here are some ways to outsmart CC hackers. 

Print a Copy of Receipts from Your Online Purchase.
Make sure always to print a copy when using your credit card online. This allows you to compare the details on your receipt to the one you have on your billing statement and ensure both amounts correspond to each other. 

Protect Your Computer from Cyber-scammers and Viruses.
Unsecured and vulnerable pathways like your computer are a hacker’s main sourcing ground. They can create fake websites to ask you to download the latest anti-virus software to your computer. Make sure you only use trusted anti-virus programs for protection, not just from a pop-up. 

Don’t Purchase Anything Online Using Public Computers.
There’s a huge possibility that your credit card details can become compromised when you make online purchases via a public network. Public computers have what is called keylogger software, which will record all public user keystrokes, such as login details and yes, even credit card information. 

Ensure the Entry Page for Credit Card is Safe.
Not all entry pages are secure. Make you only enter your credit card details on trusted and reliable websites. One way to check if the site is safe is through its URL, which begins with https://. This is found in the address bar of your browser. There should be a lock icon before the URL to ensure the website is secure.  

Refer to the Better Business Bureau.
If you’re purchasing something at a store you’re not familiar with, consider checking with the Better Business Bureau ( or another consumer reports site prior to typing in your credit card details. As much as possible, don’t use your credit card for purchase at any website with poor customer reviews. 

Use Your Credit Card Online Rather than a Debit Card.
Debit cards do not provide enough protection against possible fraudulent charges compared to credit cards. If your debit card is compromised, you could lose access to your checking account until your bank sorts everything out, which could take anywhere from a couple of days to weeks. 

Use Your Credit Card on Trusted Websites Only.
It’s imperative that you only go to trusted and secure websites, especially when doing online shopping. Don’t click on malicious email links since these could take you to a scam website made only to steal your credit card details. Make it a habit of typing in the actual URL of the website you need to visit. 

Credit card hacks or fraudulent activities can come in various forms. Hackers will do their best to make everything look legit to get your attention and trust. If you’re not meticulous enough in checking what can be trusted and what cannot, your credit card information can be at risk. Check everything properly before giving out your credit card details. 

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