Key Points to Maintaining Your Team

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By: ServingIntel

Maintaining your dream team is an achievement. It can be both rewarding and strenuous at the same time. A hectic working environment can leave little time for you to check on your team members to make sure they are feeling productive, and on track.  

With proper communication and plenty of room to provide feedback, you can give your team the reliable support system it needs. With this approach, team leaders will gain trust, accountability, and lose a “bossy” attitude.  

These 7 effective and powerful tips will help you achieve more productive and happier teams in no time. 

Always Show Transparency.
A transparent workplace has been proven to make employees happier, more productive, and more responsible. Transparency helps in developing a sense of mutual respect between team leaders and members. In return, employees feel more at ease to share their ideas for more creative work.  

Consistent and Open Communication.
Good communication is one vital ingredient in a productive and supportive team. It aims to promote a working environment where team leaders can provide honest and constructive comments. It can also boost team members’ confidence when it comes to opening up their concerns.

Give Constructive Feedback.
Giving feedback has always been one of the best means to develop your team members personally and professionally.  Regardless if it’s a negative feedback, ensure to hold consistent opportunities to check in with your members. By doing so, you will know the progress of the entire team.  

Promote Collaboration.
Without a doubt, getting along with each other within the team will make every member happy. They will be able to perform better, so it is important to encourage team members to collaborate. Each member has his/her own skills, so ensure to utilize these skillsets by making everyone aware of any ongoing task or project.  

Avoid Team Exhaustion.
As the head of the team, you’re in the best position to promote a positive workplace by encouraging relaxation, play, and work boundaries. This can be challenging at first, but it becomes second nature as days progress. You also should encourage team members to have some working limits for themselves — they should get enough sleep and avoid burn-out as much as possible.  

Provide Personalized Incentives.
There are plenty of incentive types for your employees — paid time off, free meals, gifts, choosing desired schedule. However, it’s best to personalize some to make your team members feel they are cared about and are important.  

Set a Good Example.
Your employees will always look up to you for inspiration and guidance. It is vital to set a good example for them to gain respect. If you want them to perform well and be professional, it’s common sense that you do so yourself, too. Support your team by consistently doing your best and develop your career.  

Managing a team is no easy job. There is always an expectation that you need to live up to, not to mention some challenging tasks you must handle. However, if you and your team members work hand in hand, no task is too difficult. Always set a good example for your members. Encourage them to collaborate with each other and maintain a good work-life balance. 

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