Senior Living and 70/70/70

Read time: 1.5 minutes
By: Lance Bell

While our team has had the honor of serving the hospitality industry since 1997, we have only been serving Senior Living communities since 2012, starting with Brookdale Senior Living. From then, we have had the blessing to work with numerous single site and multi-unit operators across 43 states. While the 80 / 20 rule operates in most business segments and situations, we found 70 percent to be the magic number when working in Senior Living, or 70/70/70 to be exact.

First, we learned that 70 percent of a resident’s day is spent thinking about their next meal. This statistic makes sense, but the importance of it is often overlooked. With daily life in a senior living community revolving around three meals a day, what is the consensus with the foodservice operation in your community? Have you surveyed residents seeking opportunities to improve both food and service offerings?

Next, 70 percent of disease is directly correlated to diet. This statistic came from then Surgeon General C. Everett Koop, and it highlighted the personal responsibility that comes along with physical health. With Senior Living communities seeking to maximize occupancy rates, keeping residents both happy and healthy has a positive impact on net operating income.

Finally, operators shared that dissatisfaction with dining room food and or service accounted for 70 percent of reasons listed why residents will leave their community and move to another. There is often a focus on amenities, events, and even services such as onsite pet care, however, the quality of your service and food has the most significant impact on your community’s profitability. 

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